The Reading Room #4 versión

«Los tambores negros» Concierto con obstáculos visuales, lectura silenciosa*

*Reading in silence: the physical expression of interiorization is also learn to swallow your words, forget the things your people once remembered. (P.B Preciado)


Extiende los dedos.

En colaboración con la artista Mariana Gil Ríos. Acción en vivo y oscuridad.

Ahueca la mano.

Primera versión Hangar 2017.

Ahueca la mano de mil maneras.


video: Extractos del texto La música en Cartagena de Indias de Luis Antonio Escobar.


The Reading Room #4: “The black drums”

Concert with visual obstacles, performative reading. Scheduled in Bogotá (Colombia) in November 2019.

The first version of The Reading Room # 4 took place at in 2017. In collaboration with artist Mariana Gil Ríos. This new version will take the form of a rhythmic reading. The project will work with archives related to the meeting between African enslave people and natives through the drums in the colonial and postcolonial times, the «speaking drum» , the transition from oral culture to written culture. This project was awarded the Colombian Ministry of Culture’s 2019 grant in the category «Emerging Artists» in Visual Arts.