Ciconia/Ciconia<<: a game/rhythm code with percussion and words inspired by storks and a special song...

«Eliana and Rocío studied the storks’ gestures and created a gesture vocabulary that they used along the performance path. They also created a beautiful game/rhythm code with percussion and the words from the song «Téntere, nublo» written on the floor.»

Ciconia/Ciconia for TÉNTERE, NUBLO in Tudela, Navarra, Spain.

Last summer, in collaboration with drummer/performer Rocío Campaña, we create Ciconia/Ciconia, a particle of a much bigger project created by Merche Blasco and directed together with Maitane Beaumont.

A creature half human, half ciconia?

A ciconia with two heads?

It depends on how you look at it.

«Téntere, nublo is a site-specific public performance for Tudela’s historic district, culminating in a participatory sound performance.

The piece is based on an ancient local incantation meant to protect crops against violent weather. The piece expands into a sonic choreography on the old city of Tudela inspired by local flora and fauna, performed by women. (…) A dialogue between local human and nonhuman elements, an act of listening to the natural landscape and responding in kind: percussionists play to the storks nesting in Tudela´s cathedral, horn players adopt the calls of Ebro river birds, and artichokes are given a chance to sing.»

Texts by Merche Blasco.

Site-specific public performance in Tudela (Spain). With the support of Maria Forcada Foundation.

Photos: Merche Blasco, Maria Forcada Foundation and Michael Sugarman.

Post by Merche Blasco here.

Score: By Rocío Campaña and Eliana Beltrán.

Percussion instruments, Concept: Rocío Campaña, Merche Blasco and Eliana Beltrán. Design: Merche Blasco.